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  Band History

Keith Emerson sits in with BLJO

Keyboard legend Keith Emerson sits in with the BLJO
at Typhoon Halloween bash October, 2007

(Members pictured from left to right):

Front Row: Bob Carr, Glen Garrett, Glenn Morrissette, Bruce, Keith, Glen Berger, Craig Fundyga, Brian Kilgore

Middle row: Ron King, Suzette Moriarty, Jacques Voyemant, Mike
Millar, Alan Steinberger

Back row: back row: Paul Klintworth, unknown fan, Adam Cohen, Dustin McKinney, David Pittel, Bob Leatherbarrow


BLJO at Local #47

Newly formed BLJO performing at Local #47 - 1973

"Our early focus was on funk and high energy jazz/rock. This was the period that yielded Three Day Suckers which was recorded by the Buddy Rich Band in 1975."

(Members pictured from left to right):

Kbd. - David Crane
Gtr. - Bruce
Drums - Frank Chavez
Bass - Mike Schnoebelen
T.Sax - Dennis Dreith
S.Sax - Phil Ayling
Trp. - Ron King
Trp. - Larry Ford
Trbn. - Curt Berg
Trp. - Del Hake
Bs.Trbn. - Jim Ehrmin

BLJO playing at Pilgrimage 1976

BLJO performs at the Pilgrimage Theater - 1976

"During this time I was listening to a lot of classical music and what I wrote for the band was reflecting more depth and complexity."

Band members:
Lead A.Sax - Howard Fallman; A. Sax/Oboe - Phil Ayling; T.Sax/Bassoon - Ray Pizzi; S.Sax - Don Roberts, Trpts. - Roy Poper, Ron King, Mike Artega; Fr. Hn. - Joe Kruger; Trb. - Curt Berg; Bs. Trbn. - Ernie Tack; Piano - Tom Garvin; Gtrs - Tim May, Bruce; Bass - Dave Parlato; Drums - Tom Drake; Perc. - Ken Park, Tom Collier

BLJO at the Palladium with Janice Siegel

BLJO performs with Janis Siegel at the Hollywood Palladium - 1979

"In the late 70's and early 80's I was involved in commercial writing projects and studying film scoring with Dr. Albert Harris. The band was developing a chameleonic personality."

Band Members:
Vocalist - Janis Siegel; Lead Alto - Howard Fallman; A.Sax/Oboe - Phil Ayling; T.Sax/Bassoon - Ray Pizzi; B.Sax/Clarinet - Don Roberts; Trpts. - Roy Poper, Ron King, Mike Artega; Fr.Hn./Tuben - Dave Duke; Trb. - Curt Berg; Bs. Trb. - John Leys; Gtrs. - Ron Cook, Bruce; Piano - Doug Livingston; Bass - Dave Parlato; Drums - Ralph Humphrey; Perc. - Ken Park, Tom Collier

Move Into Your Car Album Cover

BLJO releases "Move into Your Car" LP - 1986

"The mid 80's was a period of growth and high productivity for me as a writer. Our album was high energy, but also reflected maturation and a sythesis of many factors."

(Musicians featured on this album):

Elec. Gtr. - Carl Verheyen, Dan Sawyer, Ken Navarro
Synth. - Doug Livingston, Bruce Lofgren
Drums, E-mu SP-12 Drum Sequencer - Dave Crigger
Congas, Bongos, Perc. - Steve Leshner
Vibes, Timbales - John Magnussen
Timpani, Vibes, Perc. - Dan Greco
T.Sax, flute - Dick Mitchell
Piccolo, Flute, A.Sax, S.Sax - Glen Garrett, Howard Fallman
Flute, Clarinet, B.Sax. - Bob Carr
Oboe, A. Sax. - Jon Clarke
Bassoon - Ron Janelli
Trpts./fluegelhorn - Ron King, John Lewis, Roy Poper
Trbns. - Doug Wintz, Ernie Tack
Fr. Hn. - Suzette Moriarty, Lou Korell
Elec. Bass - Ken Wild

"This was the beginning of a Monday night residency at Typhoon which has lasted over two years. The music, the great food, and the relaxed atmosphere have proven to be a winning combination."
BLJO at Typhoons Restaurant, Santa Monica, CA
BLJO at Typhoon Restaurant, Santa Monica, CA- 1999

(Pictured top row going down) Paul Klintworth Fr.Hn.; Glen Berger, T.Sax; Jeff Driskill, A.Sax; Suzette Moriarty, Fr.Hn.; Doug Livingston, Kbd.; (From left to right going down) Bob Carr, B.Sax; Glen Garrett, A.Sax; Jon Lewis, Trp.; John Leys, Trbn.; Ken Wild, Bass; Ron King, Trp.; David Crigger, Drums.; Billy Hulting, Vibes; Jacques Voyemant, Trbn.; Mike Faue, Perc.; Brian Vidor, Owner; Bruce Lofgren, Gtr.

BLJO at Playboy Jazz Fest 2001

BLJO performs at Playboy Jazz Festival, Pasadena, CA - 2001

"The many and varied musical elements which the players and I have experienced in our careers are integrated into our sound."

BLJO band members in photo include:

A.Sax - Glen Garrett
A.Sax - Mark Hollingsworth
T.Sax - Glen Berger
B.Sax - Bob Carr
Trp. - John Fumo
Trp. - Ron King
Trp. - Brian Swartz
Fr. Hn. - Suzette Moriarty
Fr. Hn. - Rachel Berry
Trbn. - Jacques Voyemant
Trbn. - Mike Millar
Gtr. - Bruce
Kbd. - Alan Steinberger
Bass - Ken Wild
Drums - David Crigger
Vibes - Billy Hulting
Perc. - Brian Kilgore