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Photo of Bruce with Guitar

(by the BLJO)

November 2013 - Bruce orchestrates The show "Dealey Plaza"
by composer David Newby, performed by the Antelope Valley
Symphony and Chorale to commemorate the 50th anniversary
of the Kennedy assassination.

August 2012 - BLJO "Gardens of the World Summer Jazz Series", Woodland Hills, CA
December 10, 2007
- BL arrangement of "Fanfare for the Common Man" for brass section and rhythm performed by Keith Emerson at the Led Zeppelin reunion concert at the O2 Stadium in the U.K.
May 2007- Caltech Jazz Festival
August 2005 -
Gardens of the World Jazz Series, Thousand Oaks, CA
May 2001
- Playboy Jazz in Central Park, Pasadena, CA

Sept. 1996 - Monterey Hills Jazz Festival, Highland Park, CA
May 1986 - Los Angeles Theater Center, Los Angeles, CA
Dec. 1979 - Hollywood Palladium
June 1976 - John Anson Ford (Pilgrimage) Theater, Hollywood, CA
Sept. 1974
- Pilgrimage Theater, Hollywood, CA


Musical Arrangements for Loggins & Messina - Sittin' In Again Tour 2005.


Artist Title/work performed Date/label
Bruce Lofgren's Jazz Pirates Wind and Sand / Arranged and produced CD 2015/Night Bird
Bruce Lofgren Southwest Portals / Composed and arranged CD 2013/Night Bird
The R & B Bombers Bad Behavior / Arranged one song on CD 2009
Bruce Lofgren The Bruce Lofgren Jazz Trio 2008/Sea Breeze
San Gabriel Seven Blame it on Trio/comp. and arr. 1 song on the CD 2006/JRL Records
Bruce Lofgren Eventide 2005/Sea Breeze
Bruce Lofgren Red Shift 2003/Sea Breeze
Swing Kings Another Night on the Town/Comp. and Arr.1 song on CD 2000/Casino
Bruce Lofgren The Blues and Other Passions/Comp., Arr., Played, and Prod. CD 1999/Sea Breeze
Swing Kings No Ordinary Thing/Comp. 1 song, Arr. and Prod. 6 songs on CD 1998/Casino
Buddy Rich Ease on Down the Road/ Comp and Arr. 1 song on CD 1997/Laser Light
Jimmy Madden I'm a Good Thing/Arr., Played, and Prod. CD 1997/Neighborhood
Bruce Lofgren Heart of the Night/Comp., Arr., Played, and Prod. CD 1996/Sea Breeze
Bruce Lofgren Sky Sailor/Comp., Arr., Played, and Prod. CD 1993/Night Bird
Steve Marcus & 201 Composed one song on CD 1992 / Red Baron
Hiroko Yamaguchi Wind Song/Arr. 4 songs on CD 1991/Pure Soul
Bruce Lofgren Move Into Your Car/ Comp., Arr. and Prod. LP 1986/Phoenix
Susan McNulty Turn to Me/Arr. and Co-prod. single 1984/Banda
Reilly & Maloney Everyday/Played 1983/Freckle
Jupiter That Funny Feeling/Comp. and Arr. single 1982/Delirium
Tony Rizzi Surfin Pacific/Played 1982/MORrhythm
Teri DeSario/Casey Yes, I'm Ready/Arr. gold single 1981/Casablanca
Tony Rizzi Disco Pacific/Played 1981/MORrhythm
Donna Summer Live and More/Arr. 3 songs on Platinum LP 1980/Casablanca
Thrust Doin' that Crazy Thing/Arr. single 1979/Jet
Loggins & Messina Native Sons/Arr. 4 songs on gold LP 1976/Columbia
Loggins & Messina So Fine/Arr. 4 songs on LP 1976/Columbia
Buddy Rich Big Band Machine/Comp. and Arr. 1 song on LP 1975/Grve. Merch.
Tony Rizzi T. Rizzi 5 Guitars+4 /Assoc. Prod. 1975/Milagro
Mickey Hernandez Le Dicen La Negra/Comp. and Arr. single 1974/Solo
Bruce Lofgren Liferaft/Comp., Arr., Played, and Prod. Album 1972/Aero Space


Client Title/work performed
Netflix 2018 - BL original jazz source music for Orson Welles / John Houston/ Peter Bogdanovich film “The Other Side of the Wind” for NETFLIX
Playboy Secret Confessions and Fantasies/Composed and arranged score
San Jacinto, Texas Memorial Come to the Bower/Composed and arranged score
Alaska Bureau of Travel Voices from the Ice/Composed and arranged score
Alaska Airlines Looks Like We Made It/Composed and arranged score
Washington Apples Foreign Ports/Composed and arranged score
Weyerhauser Timber Weyerhauser Timber/Composed and arranged score
Kenworth Trucks On the Road/Composed and arranged score
Longacres Race Track Longacres/Arranged score
Stimson Timber Evergreen/Arranged score
Ilikai Hotel Ilikai/Composed and arranged score
Wright-Schugart Industries Wright Schugart/Composed and arranged score
Roman Meal Products Wings on Your Feet/Arranged score


Client Title Media/year
Seattle Downtown Biz Assoc. This Town is Jumpin' Radio/1987
Wash. State Lottery Several Radio/1984-1987
Ranier Beer Many Radio & TV/1978-1985
Boeing Airplane Co. I'll be Seeing You TV/1984
Brittania/El Paso jeans Many Radio/1980-1984
Seattle Metro On Broadway Radio/1983
Seattle's 5th Ave. Theatre Broadway's Waitin' Radio/1982
1st Interstate Bank None TV/1982
Pacific NW Bell Reach Out Radio/1979


Network Show/work performed
NBC Carson's Comedy Classics/Co-composed and Arr. theme and cues-1982-1984
NBC Tonight Show/Composed and arr. occ. band features-1976-1982
ABC Donnie and Marie Show/Some arranging-1975-1980
ABC Krofft Comedy Hour/Arranged for show
ABC Please Stand By/Arranged music for the pilot of this series