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Bruce working in Finale in his studio
(Bruce working in Finale in his digital home studio. You can contact him for film work and other projects.)

Bruce Lofgren has composed music for film and television. The list below provides a sampling of the many moods and situations requiring a music score which Bruce has supplied as a composer. The titles are followed by brief descriptions of the cinematic stories which the music was written to enhance.

Title Download MP3
Legends from the Ice - A Panorama of Eskimos living in a frozen wasteland and sharing age-old customs and traditions. Download MP3 [1220k]
Isolation - The Eskimos have remained apart from the mainstream - physically and philosophically a closed society. Download MP3 [1439k]
Action / Chase - An action scene interspersed with violence, intrigue, and humor. Download MP3 [502k]
Battle is Imminent - Texas in the mid 1800s - the Americans, having suffered defeat at the Alamo at the hands of Santa Ana, are preparing for a confrontation with the Mexicans at San Jacinto. Download MP3 [1220k]
Memories of War - The Americans are victorious at San Jacinto, but there has been great cost to both sides. Download MP3 [1783]
Titan - A panorama of Titan, a moon of Jupiter, with strange llights and a cold, inhospitable atmosphere. Download MP3 [377k]
Life on the Frontier - The excitement of the old west, with families seeking adventure, new opportunities, and emerging lifestyes. Download MP3 [1252k]
Grande Vista - Panorama of the big sky country of the old west - endless space and freedom. Download MP3 [877k]
Over the Hump - Mountaineers, having met the challenge of the climb with great hardship, return home by plane, flying over the peak that was their goal. Download MP3 [1283k]
Our Return - A people return to their homeland after many years of living as expatriots. Download MP3 [877k]
Big city News - Logo theme for a T.V. news program Download MP3 [814k]
Big Movie Logo Theme - Logo theme for an afternoon T.V. movie program. Download MP3 [627k]

These MP3 clips are offered as demos of Bruce Lofgren's compositional skills.They are copyrighted and all licensing rights are reserved.